Late Night London

Website overhaul and redesign project


Novus Leisure wanted the Late Night London website redesigned and improved to increase customer engagement.


I was the sole UX designer on the Rippleffect team which comprised the Technical Director, the Head Designer, the front-end and the back-end development teams.


Rippleffect won this project a few months after Novus Leisure had commisioned a UX research agency to test their old website. Since they were already aware of what areas needed improving, the primary focus of this project was on the actual redesigning and building of the updated wesbite. I requested the client to share the research report with me, which I used to guide me through the process of planning the new layout and structure. As there was a relatively small budget to spend on UX, I used desk research to help me tackle some of the trickier areas like designing the booking form.

My responsibilities included: updating the site map; restructuring and relabelling the information architecture; designing the layout and user journeys; producing annotated wireframes and the functional specification document.

It was a very collaborative process throughout wherein the clients, the designer, the tech lead and I would often discuss the pros and cons of a new concept and work together to arrive at the optimal solution.


Responsive website.


The new website received the Interactive Media Awards (IMA) – Best in Class (Events) award. The IMA judging panel gave the redesigned website a score of 486 out of 500. Read more about the project on Rippleffect's website.

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