Carphone Warehouse

User journey redesign project


Carphone Warehouse were looking to assess the key motivations of a customer while upgrading a phone contract to inform their redesign of the phone upgrade journey. Amberlight won the brief to design the phone upgrade journey and test it to gather user feedback.


I was the senior consultant on this project working on-site at the Carphone Warehouse headquarters and overseeing the whole project. One of my colleagues set up and moderated the test sessions.


The Carphone Warehouse UX team were on a tight timeline to deliver the updated phone upgrade user journey. The team and I concluded that the most efficient way to work would be if I worked alongside them in their office.

I worked on-site at Carphone Warehouse where I designed and produced interactive responsive Axure prototypes of all the routes of the user journey.

Meanwhile, I had to keep my colleague abreast with the goings-on so that he could prepare the study design for the test sessions. I also reviewed the recruitment screener to ensure we would be testing with suitable participants.

Once the prototypes were ready, we conducted lab-based usability test sessions to gauge user response to the updated journey. The Carphone Warehouse stakeholders and I observed the sessions in real-time. I encouraged the team to note down their observations to increase their engagement with the findings, which also allowed us to conduct rapid analysis between sessions.

Following the reasearch, I conducted a workshop with key stakeholders to prioritise observed and potential issues and to discuss solutions.


The prototype was reponsive and we tested it on desktop and mobile.


I compiled a detailed findings log and a succinct report with recommendations and design solutions which helped the team meet their deadline. The project gave me insight into working client-side and collaborating with key stakeholders at every step. It made for a refreshing change in perspective to see how clients worked within not just the timeline they shared with the agency but also their internal roadmaps. Working at the client's office as part of their team helped build rapport and it also meant that no time was lost on sending emails and chasing for responses!

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